1989 - Lundbom

Too many to list, but includes Nick, Karen, Ed, Wendy, Sherry, Bryan, Phil, Tanya, Rod, Lisa, Stan. Rob took the picture.

1992 - Roche

Need a group photo!

1994 - Glimpse

Todd, Nick, Ed, Phil, Rob

1995 - Glimpse

Need a group photo!

1996 - Glimpse

Need a group photo!

1997 - Glimpse

Need a group photo!

1998 - Blue

Mark, Todd, Rob, Phil, Ed, Nick

1999 - Leighton

Rob, Ed, Nick, Todd, Phil.

2000 - Roche

Need a group photo!

2001 - Roche

Rob, Ed, Nick, Todd, Phil., Mark

2002 - Hihium

Andrew, Murray, Rob, Chris, Phil, Nick, Rod

2003 - Blue

Rod, Andrew, Nick, Murray, Ed, Phil, Todd, Rob

2003 - Plateau

Todd, Ed, Rob, Andrew, Phil, Nick, Rod

2004 - Roche

Todd, Nick, Murray, Rod, Ian, Andrew, Rob. Front: Ed, Phil

2005 - Crystal

Phil, Murray, Rob, Ian, Todd, Andrew. Front: Nick, Chris

2006 - Roche

Need a group photo!

2007 - Badger

Nick, Phil, Ed, Murray. Front: Ian, Rob, Todd, Andrew, Rod

2008 - Beavertail

Andrew, Ian, Murray, Nick, Phil, Todd. Front: Rod, Rob, John

2009 - Crystal

Ed, Ward, Todd, Phil. Front: Ian, Nick, Murray, Rob. Kevin, John, and Andrew also attended.

2010 - Port Alberni

Ian, Todd, Murray, Mike, Rob, Ward, Andrew

2011 - Roche

Andrew, Ward, Murray, Ed, Nick. Front: Rob, Ian

2012 - Big OK

Rod, Nick, Rob, Ed, Murray, Andrew

2013 - Community

Nick, Andrew, Ed, Rob, Murray. Missing: Ian, Gabriel.

2014 - Leighton

John, Andrew, Murray, Nick. Front: Rob, Ed, Jason.

2015 - Lundbom

Ian, Murray, Jason, Nick, Ed, Andrew. Front: John, Rob

2016 - Crystal

Andrew, Rob, Kevin, Ed, Nick, Murray

2017 - Roche

Rob, Nick, Murray, Ed, Jason, Andrew, Shally

2018 - Tunkwa

Rob, Murray, Ed, Nick, Kevin, Andrew

2019 - Peterhope

Back: Rod, Kevin, Andrew, Gabe, Ian. Middle: Todd, Ed, Nick, Murray. Front: Phil, Shally, Rob

2020 - Peterhope

Andrew, Rob, Murray, Todd, Matt, Rod, Ed, Nick, Phil

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