Event Information

When and Where

Who's Cooking?

Lunch – Boston Pizza in Merritt at noon
Dinner – Nick
Breakfast – Andrew
Lunch – Murray
Dinner – Rob
Breakfast – TBD
Lunch – Phil
Dinner – Kevin
Breakfast – TBD
Lunch – TBD
Dinner – Ed
Breakfast – TBD
Lunch – on the road

Gift Exchange

  • bring a $20 gift, keep the contents secret – or not
  • wrap it so as to perhaps confuse the holder – or not
  • first pick is determined from a draw
  • play goes clockwise from the first pick
  • each time a gift is picked from the pile, its the end of the turn
  • when its your turn, you may pick a gift from the pile, or from another person
  • if your gift is taken from you, you can immediately pick a gift from the pile, or from another person
  • you may not take back the gift that was just taken from you
  • a specific gift can only change hands three times on a single turn
  • if you have a gift, you can open it at any time
  • the game is over when the last gift is picked from the pile


  • Biggest Fish – the coveted trophy, presented by last year’s winner, based on witnessed weigh-in on official scales. Awarded at 10am on Friday.
  • Tallest Tale and Best Meal – awards provided by and presented by last year’s winner. Award by popular vote.
  • The Man Trophy – awarded based on accumulated daily “man points”. Meat lovers rejoice!


  • Forest Bocce – many natural obstacles. Warning: inclines may lead to run away balls.
  • Hatchet Toss – not for the faint of heart. Warning: many handles have been broken this way.

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